The Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts and Valley Cinemas need your help, and the need is urgent. As you may be aware, Valley Cinemas needs to make a complete transition from 35-millimeter film to digital in order to remain in business. This is a very expensive upgrade, and a challenging one for an independent theater like Valley Cinemas. Each theater upgrade will cost $40,000. Some money has been raised, but the theater has not yet reached its goal.
That’s where the Center for the Arts comes in. MVCA has started a campaign to raise $50,000 to purchase the new digital projectors. The projectors would then be leased to Valley Cinemas. All donations for this campaign will go to the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts. Kevin Mihaly, the Executive Director of the MVCA said, “We’ve done our homework on this issue and MVCA will do whatever we can to help support and maintain this valuable, creative, community resource.”
You can learn more about the campaign from the press release from MVCA (see link below).
Main Street First strongly supports this campaignWe are very fortunate to have an independent theater in Little Falls. In addition to providing a local movie experience, the theater also hosts many birthday parties for children and shows educational movies for school purposes. The theater has been active in Think Local events, including offering free movie shows. The new projectors will ultimately allow the theater to decrease costs and increase the number and variety of films. 
MVCA needs to raise this money quickly because the theater cannot get movies for the holiday season unless it has upgraded to digital projectors. It will be very difficult for the theater to remain in business if it is not able to get these movies. MVCA is hoping to purchase the projectors by the end of October, so it’s important that those who wish to donate do it soon. No gift is too small. If you’re a business, you can get on screen advertising at the theater in exchange for your donation. Your contributions are tax deductible. 
Make your check payable to Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts and drop off or mail to 401 Canal Place, Little Falls, NY 13365.
For more information, contact Kevin Mihaly at 315-823-0808 or
The following link is for the press release that appeared in The Times on Sept. 23, 2014.
Rob Richard
Chair of MSF

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