Video of last week’s Common Council meeting is now available:

Here are some time stamps from the videographer to help you navigate the meeting:

00:00:20 – Girl Scouts ask the Mayor for an official ice skating day in February. I shortened this piece because it’s hard to hear and I didn’t want the camera focused on the girls.
00:03:55 – Mike Lonis asks the Council and Mayor about the annexation of a section of River Road.
00:08:50 – Vote on Herkimer County Health Net (Complete Streets/Bike Racks)
00:09:30 – Vote on Emergency Preparedness Plan
00:09:50 – Presentation by Jack Reagan, head of the Codes Board on new resolutions related to Codes Enforcement.
00:13:20 – Discussion/Vote on annexation of section of River Road from the Town of Manheim
00:14:50 – Vote on Tax Anticipation Note
00:16:05 – Vote on Vets Memorial Park Lease Agreement
00:16:20 – Vote on appointing Joe Buckley to Board of Property Maintenance
00:17:20 – New Business: Betty Deming raises her concerns over staffing/salary of the LFFD.
00:29:10 – Mayor adjourns meeting and Mr. Lonis attempts to offer another comment from the floor. This is followed by rather lively debate amongst members of the public, Council members, and the Mayor. I hadn’t anticipated this so I turned by camera off when the meeting adjourned. I turned it back on a few seconds later. That’s the reason why there is a cut there.

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