David Dardzinski

Many people have difficulty envisioning what could be. This is especially difficult when it comes to buildings. Seeing alternatives and potential in these “big picture” projects comes naturally to David, however. He started to apprentice in his architect father’s studio when he was only 12. Being exposed to the principles of space, perspective, and design at such a young and impressionable age afforded him an early and unique advantage in “seeing” what is possible.

Years working in architecture offices, operating his own studio, and studying at several universities honed his wide-ranging design skills. It also shaped his desire to serve others. David brings those gifts to his work in design and service. He consistently looks for creative solutions that can venture outside the box at times while always keeping the people he is working for as the focus.

From houses to schools, churches to hotels, office buildings to hospitals, he has had a hand in shaping the designs of many buildings of various sizes and uses. He won a design competition held by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for a mausoleum complex.

David spent several years traveling and living around the world, which expanded his outlook and injected fresh inspiration into his approach to projects in this country. He now lives in central New York, in the city of Little Falls, settling there in order to reconnect with his roots (he was born in Rome, New York at the old Griffiss Air Force Base) and also because he has a keen appreciation for the architecture of this region.

David is an active member of MSF and in addition to his position as a board member, he also serves on the Editorial Committee, where he does the layout for the MSF Gazette, and the Website & Social Media Committee. You can reach out to David using our contact form.