Judy Wolf

Incoming Main Street First Presidents Remarks

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In my role as president, I would like to see us focus this year on strengthening our relationship with the City itself and with other local not-for profits. The more we all work together to accomplish our shared goals, the stronger this community will become. As just one example, our active and growing Think Local Little Falls committee is collaborating this year with the City and other not-for-profits to maximize a $72,000 Market New York grant supporting increased marketing for Little Falls. My personal goal for this year is to work behind the scenes to help facilitate these conversations and create platforms for sharing information about programs and other initiatives to encourage all interested members of our community to get involved in whatever ways fit into their lives and schedules.

Together, we can make this community one that people increasingly want to visit and move to, a place where they want to raise their families, do their shopping, and live surrounded by diverse cultural opportunities – all in one of the most picturesque natural settings in the Mohawk Valley.

—Judy Wolf


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