Judy Wolf, President

Judy Wolf is a board member and current president of Main Street First (as of January 2017). She has been actively involved with Main Street First since she first moved to Little Falls in 2014 after renovating a house with her husband and stepson.

Judy has traveled the world several times over and lived in multiple cities and countries. Her life experiences have shown her that no matter where you go, everything comes down to connection and community. A big believer in collaboration, open dialogue, and walking out of meetings with action items that keep projects moving forward, Judy is dedicated to tapping into people’s strengths and passion. This approach informs everything from her life coaching practice to how she facilitates MSF meetings. She brings to MSF a diverse background in communications, marketing, business development, strategic planning, proposal writing, and project management.

As president, she officially sits on all of MSF’s committees and plays an active role in coordinating community events and serving as a liaison with the City of Little Falls and other local, regional, and national organizations. She is always interested in hearing new ideas and helping to identify and launch community-based initiatives. You can reach out to Judy using our contact form.