Learning to “Local”: RD’s is “All In” With Five Business

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Most entrepreneurs set a goal to create a business and turn it into a successful enterprise with sustained growth and profits as the benchmarks of their endeavor. Many aren’t satisfied with just one venture and have the desire necessary to expand, placing multiple irons in the fire. Such is the case with Little Falls businessman Randy Dawley and his RD’s conglomerate.

Nearly two decades ago, Randy started out by buying a local trucking business from Cy Young, formerly Johnny Gillen’s Trucking. Today, with multiple trucks, RD’s hauls garbage and recyclables as well as stone and gravel.

Once the trucking business was well-established, Randy purchased the Gorge View Lanes bowling alley. In the same year, he formed RD’s Redemption Center, a local place for consumers to turn in their “return for deposit” bottles and cans. Going hand-in-hand with the center, he also opened a convenience store.

Being diversified has allowed RD’s to weather ups and downs and continue to prosper, while providing jobs for 20 local people.

The bowling-center business has slowed over the years, but it remains open to serve our area residents, including open bowling hours, many leagues, the junior bowlers on Saturday mornings, and both the Little Falls and West Canada Valley high schools’ bowling teams.

The returnable bottle and can recycling isn’t what it once was either, with many competitors opening up and down the valley. While son Ryan runs the trucks, Randy is quick to credit his business manager, Shari Hysack, with keeping everything in order. Soon there will be a fifth RD’s business; his son Devin will be opening a welding shop in the back of the truck garage.

One would think that running four businesses would consume all of Randy’s time. As we were discussing this article, his phone was constantly ringing—always someone needing something. Every person calling received the same cheerful greeting and undivided attention. He also finds time to help with community fundraisers and charity events. When dropping off your cans and bottles at the redemption center, you may request that the money goes to one of our local non-profit organizations; Cub Scouts, Humane Society, HALO or Project Linus; RD’s will handle it from there. When there is an emergency such as the recent flood, he is there to help, sending trucks and dumpsters immediately.

Randy Dawley is what “local” is all about.

—Mike Evans

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