The Outgoing Main Street First Presidents Remarks

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Back in 2009, I was shopping on Main Street and saw a flier about a meeting of a group called “Main Street First.” Intrigued, I went to the next meeting, joined the group, and started working alongside some of the most dedicated, community-minded people I’ve ever met. Soon after, I was elected president, a position I held for four years. This January, I stepped down from that role although I’m still a part of MSF.

I’m proud of what MSF accomplished while I was president. Most of those accomplishments had little to do with me directly, but instead were the results of the hard work of smart and energetic people in MSF. The scope of our work has changed over the years, but we’ve remained committed to helping Little Falls.

The group initially formed to express community concerns about the idea of relocating our downtown grocery store to a proposed development at the site of the old quarry. Believing strongly that such a move would hurt businesses on Main Street, we worked hard to promote alternatives. After the new Price Chopper was built downtown, the group decided to shift focus and channel our energy into other projects. These included several large-scale cleanup projects around Canal Place and downtown; the installation of art benches along the canal; a composting toilet facility for the many climbers and explorers on Moss Island; the conception and amazing growth of our “Think Local” project and its “Third Thursday” events, and countless smaller projects.

Our new president, Judy Wolf, brings a wealth of skills and insight to the position, and I’m excited to be part of this new era for the group. Even before taking this position, Judy consistently added value to our discussions and ideas, and was quick to volunteer.

I’m very grateful to MSF for allowing me to serve as president. It’s been one of the most formative and satisfying jobs I’ve ever had. Thank you.

—Rob Richard

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